Thursday, 27 September 2012

Final preparations

The clock is ticking away - thankfully we have made good progress this week. The arch has been dry fitted and final adjustments will be made over the next few days. Tomorrow is my last day at work so next week I will be able to complete many of the remaining tasks with Al's help.

Bon voyage get togethers with friends and family have begun and promises made to keep in touch. Everyone seems very interested in following our progress I only hope our entries here will hold their interest over the months to come.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Packing and organizing

The water level continues to drop in Frenchman's Bay and it may be necessary to move the boat to another yacht club where we won't get land-locked before the trip begins.

We have found a dinghy we are happy with and Al spent a lot of time getting design ideas and quotes for the arch and davits and has now finalized details to have it built and installed.

My house has been rented and we worked on a few projects last weekend to get it ready. I was busy every night packing my personal belongings and cleaning up in preparation for the tenants to move in.
Packing for this trip was a challenge; trying to figure out what to take that travels well and will do for both the cold and warm weather we will experience. Room aboard is limited so travelling light is key; however eventually I did manage to find room for the necessities.

Paperwork related to the trip is done - and boat registration sent in - fingers crossed that enough documentation was provided and that the registration is approved before we leave.

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Adventure Begins

Well it is official; Al and I are taking an 8-month leave from work to pursue an adventure. As some of you know, Al has spent the last couple of months teaching me basic sailing techniques and what it means to ‘live aboard’.

We will cross Lake Ontario aboard the sailing vessel Quantum Joy to Oswego, NY and then make our way down the canal system to the Hudson River and New York City. Once in the Atlantic we will follow the coast and (depending on weather and water levels) travel by way of the Intercostal Waterway to Florida and beyond.

This adventure is about the journey, not the destination, and as such, we will take time to explore many points of interest along the way.

Upon arrival in Florida, we will stock up, and then wait for a calm day to make the crossing to the Bahamas. We expect to be in the Bahamas in late December, where we will spend the days diving and exploring the many islands. At night we will anchor out in protected bays unless we need to stop at a marina to charge the batteries or take on fresh water. Our plan is to head back north in the spring and arrive home by June 1st.

We invite you to follow on this adventure through this blog we set up for friends and family.