Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dismal Swamp

Dave and Jancie talking with paster Ben and Hans
As we continued to make our way north we finally experienced some great weather.  We set out from Oriental, NC and sailed most of the way to Elisabeth City where we spent two nights tied up to the free public dock.  Wednesday morning we were welcomed by Rev. Bob, a Pentecostal minister.  Rev. Bob drove us to the laundromat and then to Walmart for groceries.  We joined Bob and his wife Jan for dinner at an Italian restaurant before attending a service at his church. The service was much different than Dave, Al and I had ever experienced.  After the service we went for frozen yogurt and then stopped by the law firm where Jan worked to see her boss's extensive collection of mounted big game heads.  What a day!  
Lots of Turtles along the Dismal Swamp

Canal was originlly dug by hand in the mid 1700's

Yesterday we spent a lazy day motoring down the dismal swamp enjoying the sunshine.  We rafted up with Dave at lunchtime and awaited the opening of the first of two locks we will go through on the canal.  Tonight we are rafted up with two other boats just outside the second lock awaiting the 8:30 am opening.  Al and Dave visited the auto supply and grocery stores before we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant all within a short walk of where we were docked.

Today we had another beautiful day as we completed the remaining miles on the Intercostal Waterway and are now headed up the Chesapeake on our way to Annapolis.  The above video is at a lock where Robert Peek (the Lockmaster) shows us his talent on the conch horn.

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