Saturday, 25 May 2013

New York City

We are thankful we have AIS which show at least the commercial traffic. 
We arrived in New York on Sunday and dodged the freighters and ferries in the harbour but made it to the 79th Street Boat Basin. Who would guess you could anchor out down town New York.  Anchoring is a little scary as it is 30 feet deep and there is a 3 knot current that changes 180 deg every 6 hours which my Manson anchor had to reset at least 24 times during our stay.  I had out 140 feet of chain.
 It was cold and rainy but we ventured out, making the short walk to the subway and then on to Times Square where we met up with Dave's daughter Tia and her mom Laurie. We then toured Madame Tussaud's wax museum where we posed with some of the stars before heading out for dinner.

 Monday we walked a few blocks to the American Museum of Natural History where we spent most of the day exploring the exhibits before taking a walk in Central Park.

Times Square
New York subway

same size as the subway but underwater (Intrepid submarine)
We spent the morning and early afternoon Tuesday at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum while we waited for the tide to turn (so we could take advantage of the current). We said our goodbyes to David as we departed New York, it will seem strange not having him along side us on this final leg of our journey.

Al putting the ROCK in his place

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