Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NY Canal System

We started the trip up the Erie Canal under rainy and very cold conditions until Monday when the sun finally came out warming it up considerably.  Our trip across lake Oneida was very pleasant this time as there was only a light chop on the water. 
Overnighting on the wall before Lock 19

Town dock in Pheonix
We entered the Oswego canal just before dinner and stopped at the free dock in Pheonix for the night. What a lovely spot!  This town has gone all out to welcome boaters.  There are tables and chairs on the dock, free wifi, hydro and water, pump outs are also available.  In the summer the museum is open and complimentary refreshments are served.  Local school children are encouraged to volunteer to help boaters by walking dogs, cleaning boats and helping out wherever possible.  The town also puts on all kinds of concerts and events in the park by the dock.  There are restaurants, a bakery and coffee shops within steps of the dock as well as a very clean laundromat with large capacity washers and dryers.
Some of the wildlife seen on the canal

Lock emptying - with a few leaks - from the pressure of 35 feet of water behind the doors

Today we hope to complete the last leg of the canal system and get the mast put backup.  We were held up at Minetto town dock for a few hours awaiting the opening of lock 6 which was undergoing maintenance work. 

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  1. Welcome back and thanks for taking us along! I very much appreciated all the great pictures and commentary - next best thing to being there (although probably a *distant* second :-) )

    Your pix have been my wallpaper for at least the last 6 months.... now what?